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Re: Linking clause deleted from GNAT GPL

IMO, yes. People are not obligated to retain this
exception of GPL. This is similar as relicensing L-GPL
to GPL.

--- null@iang.info writes:

> Hello,
> Maybe this subject was discussed before, but I'd
> like some
> clarification. The GNU Ada compiler (GNAT) from FSF
> is distributed
> under GPL with this special linking exception:
> "As a special exception, if other files instantiate
> generics from this
> unit, or you link this unit with other files to
> produce an executable,
> this unit does not by itself cause the resulting
> executable to be
> covered by the GNU General Public License. This
> exception does not
> however invalidate any other reasons why the
> executable file might be
> covered by the GNU Public License."
> But in the latest GNAT version distributed by
> AdaCore, this clause was
> deleted in all library source files, therefore
> forcing all executables
> to be covered by GPL. The question is: did AdaCore
> have the right to
> remove this clause? Since FSF owns the copyright of
> GCC, this is not
> obvious to me.
> Thanks!
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> Patrick
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