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Re: Please review: The OFL (Open Font License)

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Nicolas Spalinger wrote:

> Hi folks,
> Please tell us what you think of the Open Font License.
> All the details are available at:
> http://scripts.sil.org/OFL
> This page includes a FAQ and other docs explaining the rationale behind
> the license, what we want to achieve by freeing up our fonts and
> contributing them to the free desktop and how we'd like to encourage
> others to use this model as well.

Important side issue:
"No modification of the license is permitted, only verbatim copy is

Don't do this.  Marking license texts as "verbatim copy only" is a bad habit
and I encourage people not to.

You want something more like the following:
"The OFL license text may be used, copied, and redistributed, modified or
unmodified, without royalty, provided modified versions are renamed.  Of
course, this Font Software is only licensed under the actual, unmodified
OFL, not under any modified version you may happen to find or create; but
you may license your own wholly independent works under a modified version. 
We recommend not doing so, since license proliferation causes trouble."

ksig --random|

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