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Re: Releasing software sponsored by an employer

Francisco Poli wrote:
>I agree on everything you said, with the following comments/questions:
>* why do you suggest repeating <program name> everywhere?
Ah.  The reason I did that was so that it would be suitable to print out
and have the company lawyers or executives sign.

> I think it
>makes adapting the notice to different pieces of software less easy (a
>differently named GPL'd work can be derived from a previously existing
>GPL'd work, you know): I would say
>  This work is free software; [...]
>  This work is distributed [...]
>  [...] along with this work [...]

That is better if the notice is actually present in and attached to the
work, yes, I agree.

But if you want to print out a paper copy and have someone sign 
it, or otherwise have a copy of the license floating around 
independently of the actual work, it seems wiser to specify everywhere 
what work the license in fact attaches to.


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