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Re: Custom license question (Glk libraries)

Niko Tyni <ntyni@iki.fi> wrote:
>  The source code in this package is copyright 1998-9 by Andrew Plotkin. You
>  may copy and distribute it freely, by any means and under any conditions,
>  as long as the code and documentation is not changed. You may also
>  incorporate this code into your own program and distribute that, or modify
>  this code and use and distribute the modified version, as long as you retain
>  a notice in your program or documentation which mentions my name and the
>  URL shown above.

I think this is trying to be a shorter licence with the same effect as
the Artistic - you may edit it, but must change the name. I'd say it
follows the DFSG (integrity of source allows name changes), but I have
one doubt: if it's not changed, we can use any means and conditions,
but that's missing from the modified permission. Does that matter?
Probably not.

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