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Re: Question about RSA licence

On 27 Sep 2005 09:34:25 GMT MJ Ray wrote:

> ludovic.rousseau@free.fr wrote:
> > The opensc package includes rsaref headers [0] from RSA. [...]
> > - is this licence DFSG compliant? I would say yes but the
> > (re)distribution right is not explicitely given.
> > 
> > - is this licence GPL compatible? I would say no since it has the
> > same problem than the original BSD licence [4].
> I think I agree with you on both, with very mild concern about lack of
> explicit permission.

Wait a second: how can it be DFSG-free, when there's permission to "copy
and use" and to "make and use derivative works", but there's no explicit
permission to distribute the derivative works?
Did I miss something?
It seems that works under this "RSA license" do not comply with the

More bad news: I found out that some identically licensed files are
included in Apache2.
Compare with the license of

  * srclib\apr\include\apr_md5.h
  * srclib\apr\passwd\apr_md5.c
  * srclib\apr-util\crypto\apr_md4.c
  * srclib\apr-util\include\apr_md4.h


Moreover, Apache2 includes the following code (I'm quoting from the
debian/copyright file):

For the srclib\apr-util\test\testmd4.c component:

 * This is derived from material copyright RSA Data Security, Inc.
 * Their notice is reproduced below in its entirety.
 * Copyright (C) 1990-2, RSA Data Security, Inc. Created 1990. All
 * rights reserved.
 * RSA Data Security, Inc. makes no representations concerning either
 * the merchantability of this software or the suitability of this
 * software for any particular purpose. It is provided "as is"
 * without express or implied warranty of any kind.
 * These notices must be retained in any copies of any part of this
 * documentation and/or software.

This does not even grant *any* permissions.
Is this distributable at all?

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