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Re: Java License

On Thu, Oct 13, 2005 at 03:57:40AM +0100, Jo?o Pinheiro wrote:
> If I understand this correctly, it should possible for me to bundle the
> JDK along with the distro for as long as it's only distributed inside my
> university. Am I correct?

Maybe. Sun are notoriously arseholes about this.

> Also, what would "unmodified" mean in this
> context? Is it possible for me to unpack and install the JDK on the
> system (without modifying any of the files) or am I forced to distribute
> the original self-extracting .bin file?

Every copy of Java distributed must be bit-for-bit the file blessed by
Sun, and no variations are permitted. At one point, Blackdown were
going through the agonisingly complex process of getting Sun to bless
a .deb file, but they haven't done it for anything newer than 1.4.

They aren't very happy about the idea of it not being downloaded
directly from Sun's servers, either. You could try asking Sun if this
is okay but they'll probably say "no" just out of habit. They are
*monumentally* proprietary about Java - Sun are determined to retain
absolute control over it.

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