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Re: celestia and JPL license

"Mathias Weyland" <mathias@weyland.ch> wrote in message [🔎] 20050912102649.GC18080@wigwam.lugs.ch">news:[🔎] 20050912102649.GC18080@wigwam.lugs.ch...

Some time ago I adopted the celestia package. The package contains textures
which seem not to be DFSG free. (see bug #174456).

It looks like the main problem is the NASA's JPL license[1]. I have two
options now: Either I replace those textures by DFSG-free ones, or I move
the package to non-free. I'm trying to find suitable textures for the first
option, but unfortunately, I don't understand what makes the JPL policy
DSFG-nonfree :(

I have to know this because I don't want to replace non-free textures with
new textures which are non-free as well.

Best regards

Mathias Weyland

Has anybody sought clarification from JPL about the case where standard media credit lines do not apply? My guess is that they would simply request that if used in software the line 'Some images courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech.' Be shown along with copyright notices. This would include 'about' screens. The purpose for the licence seems to be reciving credit for the images. If such clarification can be recived then (unless people really have a problem with the 'descrimitation' against JPL-Caltech employees using the images in Adverts or PR), the images can be kept.

[1] http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/images/policy/index.cfm

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