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Re: Linuxsampler license

El jueves, 15 de septiembre de 2005 a las 10:50:12 +0200, Sven Luther escribía:

> > LinuxSampler is licensed under the GNU GPL license with the exception 
> > that COMMERCIAL USE of the souce code, libraries and applications is
> > NOT ALLOWED without prior written permission by the LinuxSampler 
> > authors. If you have questions on the subject please contact us."
> That is indeed non-free and fails DFSG #6, the package cannot be in main, but
> could be in non-free maybe.

 Probably not, according to some interpretations (the GPL does not allow
adding restrictions. The author can distribute the work, since he/she is the
author, but noone else can distribute a work licensed in this way).

 Also, the use of the word "exception" is very sneaky :-) It is more like an
additional restriction :-)

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