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Re: CDDL, OpenSolaris, Choice-of-venue and the star package ...

Matthew Garrett writes:

> George Danchev <danchev@spnet.net> wrote:
>> On Friday 09 September 2005 18:24, Matthew Garrett wrote:
>>> But that's already possible. The majority (all?) of licenses that we
>>> ship don't prevent me from being sued arbitrarily. The only difference
>>> that choice of venue makes is that it potentially increases the cost for
>>> me. Within the UK alone, I can end up paying fairly large travel fees to
>>> deal with a court case. But I'll have to pay a lot more for a lawyer.
>>> Being sued in the US wouldn't be significantly more expensive for me
>>> than being sued here.
>> The problem is not only with the expensive funny lawsuit trips, you may find 
>> some jurisdictions and local lows quite ... let's say just strange.
> That's choice of law, rather than choice of venue. I was under the
> impression that it was generally accepted.

Choice of law is generally accepted because no one has explained why
the chosen laws inherently discriminate against groups.  Some legal
systems/chosen laws would fail "must not discriminate against groups"
in obvious ways, but they have not been specified in licenses.

Michael Poole

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