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On Fri, Sep 09, 2005 at 04:51:56PM +0200, Henning Makholm wrote:
> Scripsit Andrew Suffield <asuffield@debian.org>
> >           o 3.2. Modifications.
> >             The Modifications that You create or to which You
> >             contribute are governed by the terms of this License.
> I think this is sloppy language - the licensor cannot unilaterally
> make his license apply to code produced by the licensee; he can only
> demand that the licensee does so - but I don't see it as a showstoppper.

I believe that the Modifications here stand for code redistributed together
with the original code, not just as separate patches or standalone code, and
this is indeed how other licence works, you can only redistribute your
modifications under the same licence or such.

> >           o 3.3. Required Notices.
> >             You must include a notice in each of Your Modifications
> >             that identifies You as the Contributor of the
> >             Modification.
> Dissident problem here. Anonymous contributions should be allowed.

I disagree on this point, This is needed to protect against SCO like cases, in
order to trace the modifications, and make sure they are not stolen or at
least prove it so.


Sven Luther

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