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Re: fresh review of: CDDL

Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org> wrote:
[control definition]
> The intent here is to avoid a party to this license spinning choice
> assets off into a corporation for the express purpose of playing shell
> games and screwing the licensor in the event of license termination.

If the screwing has already been done, they'd be covered anyway.
If a company not executively directed by the majority shareholder
screws around, it seems unusual to punish the shareholder (but
somewhat justified, in my opinion).

> I don't see any particular reason that this clause should be a DFSG
> problem.

Me neither. It's just very different to: "any natural person,
acting either individually or as part of an organ of the legal
person, who has a leading position within the legal person"
and I'm suspicious of unfamiliar legal language.

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