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Re: STIX fonts for free mathematics - comments needed on draft license

Thanks Steve for bringing up again the issue of the Stixfonts!
I have sent them my feedback on the issue of the modification/removal of the base set of glyphs, though I do not know if anything else needs changing.

You may read here a summary of the discussion:

I would be happier if the debial-legal list could come up with an affirmative position on what exactly should change in the user license so that the community is happy.

At the moment, on the table, we appear to have
1) We should be able to remove from the base set of glyphs
2) We should be able to modify from the base set of glyphs.

Debian-legal would be the bum of the free software world, if the Stixfonts people actually do this ammendment and something else comes up latter in the final user license... :->


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