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Re: [PEAR-DEV] PHP License

On Thu, 25 Aug 2005 12:16:09 -0400 Charles Fry wrote:

> > Also correct. I believe this applies to the PHP trademark. If there
> > is a PEAR  trademark registered, we could just replace "PHP" with
> > "PEAR." If not, just  eliminate them.
> I don't think that it makes sense to replace PHP with PEAR, because
> most of the software packages that are being distributed are not named
> "PEAR" and thus don't run the risk of having a derivitive named "PEAR"
> that is mistaken for the original.
> My recommendation would thus be to eliminate them (at which point you
> are basically left with the BSD License).

I agree: the best solution is switching to a sane and free license.
The 2-clause BSD license seems to be the closest one, once you nuked the
problematic clauses.

I would primarily suggest the 2-clause BSD license, in these cases.

> > > Ouch. This means that I can't distribute a PEAR module released
> > > under the PHP License without bundling in PHP itself.
> This has been addressed by others, but it sounds incorrect to affix a
> notice to the effect that PHP is included when it is not.

Yes, it's a lie and it's mandated by the license.
I think that the right interpretation of the license is that the
licensee is compelled to state something which is (most probably) false,
in order to get the permission to redistribute.

This sucks and is one of the major issues with the PHP license when it's
used for anything but PHP itself.
The PHP license should *not* be used for anything else than PHP itself
(and maybe not even for PHP itself, but this should be discussed in
another thread...).

> Given that you and all others who have weighed in on this issue agree
> that the license should be fixed, I invite the PEAR Group to now take
> the initiative to address this issue in the manner that they find most
> appropriate. :-)

This should really be solved ASAP.

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