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Re: Pre-ITP - LARN and Noah Morgan

asuffield@debian.org wrote:

>> In an email on Aug 15 2005, Kevin wrote to Alex:
>> > I proceeded on the casual assumption that Noah Morgan
>> > and Don Kneller would have no issues with changes
>> > being made and posted. They posted to a public forum,
>> > and I seem to vaguely recall that their licensing
>> > permitted changes and redistribution as long as their
>> > original copyright statements were preserved. I never
>> > heard anything from anyone to the contrary, but that
>> > doesn't mean that it was "OK".
>> Accordingly, we believe Noah and Don's intentions met DFSG.
>The problem is that Noah's intentions are no longer relevent. The
I read here that (somebody recalls that) he distributed the code with
a free (even if not attached) license, so whatever his heirs want to do
is not relevant.


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