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Re: [PEAR-QA] PHP License

On Thursday 25 August 2005 02:01 am, MJ Ray wrote:
> Sean Kellogg <skellogg@u.washington.edu> wrote: [...]
> > As source code, it is not a derivative, I agree...  but once it is
> > compiled it
> > is now a derivative work joining the library with the code to form the
> > final binary.  Its the act of compilation that creates the derivative
> > work.
> Most (all?) php applications like phpbb2 are distributed as source
> and covered only by their licence not the PHP one, last I saw. The
> compilation happens on the installed system and isn't usually
> distributed. All this seems moot.

Yeah, that's certainly one way of looking at it.  But then again, the license 
says "Products derived from this software may not be called "PHP", nor may 
"PHP" appear in their name, without prior written permission from 
group@php.net..."  When a user downloads phpbb2 and joins it with PHP to 
create the finished derivative product it seems they are in violation of the 

I was under the impression that d-l took it as one of its responsibilities to 
ensure that users don't get put in these sorts of situations.


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