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Re: [PEAR-QA] PHP License

Sean Kellogg wrote:

On Wednesday 24 August 2005 01:38 am, Thijs Kinkhorst wrote:
I fail to understand why the licence under which the PHP programming
language resorts, can govern software under the GPL, since the PHP licence
only mentions derivative works, not applications written in that
programming language. If phpbb would be a PHP-derivative you would be
completely correct. But it's clearly not, so in what way do those terms
apply to it?
I'm pretty sure it is a PHP-derivative. It relies on all sorts of built in PHP functions to create the finished work. Perhaps... PERHAPS... the code you download for phpbb, on its own, MIGHT be a separate and distinct work, but it's not "phpbb" until it's merged with PHP functions to create the finished, derived work.

I see a little problem with this line of reasoning. It would seem to imply that if I post a C program I wrote on my website, in source code form, that program is subject to the license of every libc anyone might ever compile it with.

It would also seem to imply that if someone reimplemented PHP from scratch, phpBB would then be subject to that implementation's license as well.

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