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Re: [PEAR-DEV] PHP License

Le Mer 24 Août 2005 06:25, Ian Eure a écrit :
> I do think the license should be fixed (or a more appropriate
> derivative created for PEAR packages), but I don't think the license
> in any way prohibits Debian packaging of PEAR or PEAR packages; nor
> has it stopped such packaging in the past. See: php-pear-log, php-db,
> php-auth, php-net-socket, etc etc etc.

  just for the record, it's not because it has been done, that it has 
been done *right*. 

  Though, I find your interpretation of the clause (6) a bit light. You 
would be correct if it was worded :

   6. Redistributions of any form ***OF THE PHP SOURCES/SOFTWARE***
   whatsoever must retain the following acknowledgment: "This product
   includes PHP, freely available from <http://www.php.net/>".

but without the part in ***...***, semantically, "Redistributions of any 
form" refers to the package that is under that license, not only PHP.

  I mean your point is invalid, since an annotated version of that 
clause is :
   6. Redistributions of any form whatsoever must retain the following 
   acknowledgment: ...

 » If your redistribute the PEAR (or else) package released under
 » that license, you have to state that ....

   ... "This product includes PHP, freely available from

 » ... this package include PHP (blah blah blah). Which would be
 » incorrect if PHP sources weren't bundled to the package. I assume
 » you should'nt sate sth wrong just for beeing license-clean ;)

  I understand *you* won't retain such a fallacious argument to harm 
debian, though, which is important is not only *how* an upstream 
understand/apply/... its own license, but what is written inside it, 
and what it means objectively. And I'm not comfortable with (6) because 
it misses the fact that clause 6 is *only* dedicated to the 
redistribution of PHP under any form (and not to the current package).

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