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Re: May be non-copyrighted documment included in main?

On Thu, 18 Aug 2005, Petr Gajdusek wrote:
> The only notice in the documment says:
> "This publication is not copyrighted. One can copy it and use any
> part of it with mentioning the source. Publishers ask only for
> information about it."

This notice makes no sense at all. Either the document is copyrighted,
and there can be requirements ("mentioning the source") or it's not,
and there are NO requirements. It's not possible to have a work that
is not copyrighted and has requirements for use.

I suggest finding the actual copyright holder and getting either a
real license statement or a dedication to the public domain written
properly to allow lenient licensing in the case that a specific
jurisdiction doesn't have a concept of PD.

Don Armstrong

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