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Re: Font licencing

On Sat, Aug 13, 2005 at 01:42:31AM +0000, roucaries bastien wrote:
> As a special exeption you can drop off credit in documentation if this
> program copyright is available in a human readable form. Human
> readable form means that this copyright is in plain ascii text even in
> a binary program.

'As a special exception, you are not required to give credit per the
terms of the above paragraph ...'

It's a very hairy statement, though.  I could compile it into a static
string, and, if it doesn't get optimised out, it would appear verbatim
in the .data section of my binary, which is fine.

Likewise, if I put a UTF-8 copyright symbol in, it is no longer
'human-readable form'.

> If you want to use the previous exeption put also in human readable
> form the following credit in your file before the licence: ''This
> software use a /OtherSubrs function that use the following licence:''.
> If you do not wish to use this exeption, delete this exception
> statement from your version. 

So the licence is polymorphic??

I'd just like to say -- please don't write your own licences.  There are
a number of existing, very good, licences, which have been written and
vetted by numerous excellent lawyers, and stood the test of time, and
they still have some unresolved issues and ambiguities.  Adding to the
plethora of licences already out there does not improve this situation,
and frequently doesn't achieve your goals due to loopholes in the bits
you added or changed (as above).  It only makes it more confusing for
application writers, who have to work out how ten bajillion separate and
entirely well-intentioned exceptions and modifications work together and


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