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Re: Copyright violation in utils/bsdiff 4.2-1

Henning Makholm wrote:
> Scripsit Colin Percival <cperciva@freebsd.org>
>>The text from my website appears as part of bsdiff_4.2-1.diff.gz.
>>My website, as an original creative work, is covered by copyright
>>laws and treaties.  I did not give permission for my website to be
>>copied and redistributed.
> Have your spoken to the maintainer of the Debian package (Daniel
> Baumann) about your problem?The canonical way to do this would be to
> file a bug report (of severity 'serious') against bsdiff in the Debian
> bug tracking system.
> Debian's default procedure is to leave it to the package maintainer to
> deal with issues with individual packages [...]
> Please also understand that the stated purpose of debian-legal is to
> be a forum for internal debate about whether pieces of software come
> with enough rights that we want them included in Debian.

Ok.  My knowledge of how Debian does things is rather limited (I don't
use Debian), so I emailed the most obvious contact.  In FreeBSD committers
are allowed to touch each other's code, so I assumed that anyone here
would be able to fix the problem.  :-)

I'll resend my original email to the maintainer.

Colin Percival

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