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Re: FAIwiki - proposal for an other License but Creative Commons - was: Re: FAIwiki Copyrights

On 8/6/05, Henning Sprang <henning_sprang@gmx.de> wrote:
> It's in fact an interesting question if there is somebody alive and
> reading mail in debian-legal. Or do we need to prove that fai is a
> debian package? - dpkg/apt-cache should do that better than us. Or is it
> a subscribed-only list that doesn't tell use we're not subscribed, just
> stores the mails in /dev/null as long as we're not?

We in debian-legal seem to be fully occupied with our regularly
scheduled flame-fest.  I expect that everyone will be happiest if
FAIwiki content is dual-licensed GPL and
your-choice-of-attribute-me-harder-license unless marked otherwise. 
Don't quote me on that, though; IANADD, IANAL, and currently I think a
sizable minority would disagree with me on that just out of spite.

- Michael

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