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Re: LGPL module linked with a GPL lib

On 8/3/05, Raul Miller <moth.debian@gmail.com> wrote:
> On 8/2/05, Michael K. Edwards <m.k.edwards@gmail.com> wrote:
> >  Mostly I care about the freedom to pursue what is for me
> > both an intellectual interest and a trade, on terms which more or less
> > reflect an accurate perspective on the surrounding law and economics.
> > Misrepresentations and charlatanry draw my scrutiny, whether they come
> > from saints or sinners.
> I have no problem with you pursuing any such intellectual interests.
> However, this probably isn't the right list for posting random facts.

Sigh.  Did anyone else have trouble understanding that "both an
intellectual interest and a trade" referred to computer programming? 
Do you not think these "random facts" are relevant to assessing
whether two prominent individuals' preferences and assertions should
have the effect that they currently do on your and my pursuit of that
trade, and to whether they can be relied on for a disinterested
analysis of the applicable law?  Have these questions no relevance to

> I'd suggest debian-curiosa.  Or, if anyone wants to create it: debian-saints.

Having intimated that I thought it likely that RMS's role in the FSF
had made him a rich man, and having been called on that by Diego
Bierrun, I felt obliged to report on what facts I could easily find in
the public record -- which, as it turns out, don't lend much support
to the idea that he is piling up personal assets.  (But I doubt he
misses a meal very often; I expect his other material needs are more
than met, including an ample supply of computer-related toys; as near
as I can tell he has done nothing for any reason other than because he
feels like it since 1985 or so, if ever; and I count myself as rich
partly for similar reasons, whatever one's net worth may be.)  I would
not have taken the trouble of that particular inquiry except in
response to Diego's accusation of slander, which would not have been
accurate anyway but did prompt me to go the extra mile.

- Michael

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