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License problem


I'm preparing a debian package for a math library (rheolef) which uses the GPL license v2. Some executables that also distributed with it depend on `bamg` application which can be found at http://www-rocq1.inria.fr/gamma/cdrom/www/bamg/eng.htm.

This application doesn't seem to have any "known" license, I don't even think there is one actually, the only information available on some files header is the following one :

// ********** DO NOT REMOVE THIS BANNER **********
// SUMMARY:  Bamg: Bidimensional Anisotrope Mesh Generator
// USAGE : You may copy freely these files and use it for // teaching or research. These or part of these may // not be sold or used for a commercial purpose with- // out our consent : fax (33) 1 39 63 55 14 // // AUTHOR: F. Hecht, // ORG : INRIA // E-MAIL : Frederic.Hecht@Inria.fr //
// ORIG-DATE:     Dec 97
// Modif          March 98

I have contacted the author so as to know if I can include his sources in rheolef and he agrees. What I want to know is : - am I obliged to release bamg sources included in rheolef under the GPL too ?
- if not, can I let them as they are, I mean withouth any "known" license ?
- if yes, is this a problem regarding the Debian Policy (since I want to make a debian package out of rheolef, and therefore the included bamg) ?

Thank you in advance for your help

Alexis Papadopoulos

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