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Let me Introduce Myself to your Church or Ministry


This is Bob Westbury with NetBob4Churches.

I want to introduce myself to you and offer my services to your
Church or Ministry. Your interest in my services is appreciated.

I am in the business of helping Ministries move to the Internet,
or go further than they already are now in their web presence.

My specialty is helping Ministries to send email to their
readership, members and web mailing list members. Many Churches &
Ministries call this a Monthly Newsletter.

I have automated mailing systems that I use to mail.

I use my own servers and software and have the expertise to help
you to launch or further your Internet Based Ministry Presence.

I offer reasonable fees so I can assist as many of you that want
to reach your members, readers and even the lost.

I offer these services:

- Automated Email Sending (CanSpam compliant)
- Website Building and Programming
- Website Hosting and Search Engine Optimization
- Almost anything Internet Related

I work with another Ministry that sends out a daily devotion
every Mon. - Fri. They have grown from 3,000 to 34,000 readers in
2 years using my system.

Thanks for reading and if I can offer my services to you,
Please call me or email me and I will call you back.

Thanks and God Bless,
Bob (NetBob) Westbury
612-605-1771 ? Office
612-978-8999 ? Cell

P.S. I also offer my services to Businesses and Individuals

If you wish to cancel your subscription, simply click once on the link below.

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