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Re: libdts patent issue?

On Wed, Jul 20, 2005 at 05:54:40PM -0700, Michael K. Edwards wrote:
> Do you really think it's fair to characterize as "pro-patenters"
> people who are simply pointing out:
>     the absence of a public policy rationale for denying the same
> sort of encouragement to applied researchers (and their financial
> backers) in fields where the work is done at a computer keyboard as in
> those where it is done at a lab bench?

You're turning things on the head.  Patents are a restriction and as
such _you_ need to present a compelling rationale to extend this
restriction to other fields of endeavour, not the other way around.

And to answer your question: Yes, it's fair.  The argument you just
presented appears in every pro-patenter's portfolio, btw.


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