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Re: Re: libdts patent issue?

Nathanael Nerode wrote:
> Arnoud Engelfriet wrote:
> > If you provide the program loaded into a computer, ready to execute,
> > then the court may likely hold that you infringe. If you publish
> > a printed piece of paper with the program's source, then you likely
> > do not infringe.
> Like I said somewhere, non-tech-savvy judges making a very questionable 
> "dead-tree vs. electronic" distinction.  What if I provide it on diskette, 
> ready to do whatever with?

There's no caselaw on this point. I doubt anyone would bring a case
if you were distributing diskettes to give people electronic versions
of the material of your speech or whatever. If you were selling the
diskettes with the intent that people can now get the patented
feature on their computer, then it gets tricky. I honestly don't


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