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Re: A question about converting code to another programming language

svante@imit.kth.se wrote:
> I have a few questions about software developement. One of them is whether
> a program written in e.g. Fortran by me or somebody else (who owns the
> copyright) is converted to C (not f2c). How is copyright changed and what
> about patent issues (maybe not relevant).

If the transformation from Fortran to C involves creative activity,
then the person who did the transformation may hold a copyright in
the C-version. Compare a translation from French to English of a
book. If it's just a literal translation, then the translator has
no copyright. 

This does not affect the original copyright in the Fortran version.
And the translator needs permission to create this derivative work.

If the original program infringes on a patent, then the
transformed program will also infringe. Patents cover
functionality, not specific programs. 


Arnoud Engelfriet, Dutch & European patent attorney - Speaking only for myself
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