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Re: EUPL draft

Ales Cepek wrote:
I searched archive of the debian-legal list and it seems that the
proposed European Union Public License (EUPL) has not been discussed
here yet.

As this is clearly an important subject (and I am sure that it is
closely related to the software patents agenda), I would like to ask,
if anybody here can say that the EUPL draft would be compatible with
the Debian Social Contract.

Ales Cepek

There's a PDFs are available at <http://europa.eu.int/idabc/en/document/2623/5585#eupl>. Unfortunately, DRM in the file prevents ps2ascii from working its magic:

  ****This file requires a password for access.
  Error: /invalidfileaccess in pdf_process_Encrypt

An encouraging start. ;)

Sam Morris

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