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Website Feedback

Dear Sirs, 

My name is Rob Collyer, and I'm the owner of webforumz.com.

I wanted to let you know that I am interested in exchanging links with 

Webforumz.com has a Google Page rank (PR) of 6 and I am sure your site 
will benefit from exchanging links with us.

We have just added a new resource directory and we would place your 
link there.

Our link details:-

URL: http://www.webforumz.com
Link Title:- Free SEO, Design and development advice
Description:  Webforumz.com offers free SEO help, Web design and 
development advice and gives free website critiques to it's members.

Please drop me an email if you would like to swap links letting me know 
the link title and description of the link you require.

Best regards,

Rob Collyer

http://www.webforumz.com/ - rob@webforumz.com

PS: It would be great if you linked to our site. Just drop me a line.

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