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Re: Question about license compatibility

On Thursday 21 July 2005 04:49 pm, Gerasimos Melissaratos wrote:
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> I'd like to create a package for ng-spice, which seems to be governed by
> two licenses, which I include herein. In first reading I cannot see any
> real discrepancies, but of course IANAL. Pls tell me if any of them is
> compatible with DFSG.

I'm surprised no one has responded to this yet...  so I guess I'll get the 
ball rolling.  Its my opinion that both licenses are non-free, for reasonably 
well established and non-controversial reasons.

License 1 contains a limitation on use ("educational, research and non-profit 
purposes, without fee") which is a violation of DFSG #6.  License 2 is less 
obvious, but I personally believe that a provision that forbids charging a 
fee for distribution is non-free, or at least bad policy.  Certainly having a 
package that prohibits charging for distribution would prevent it from being 
on a Debian CD sold by one of the vendors.  Based on the DFSG I'd have to 
point to #1 and #6...  but both are kind of stretches.

Anyone else have thoughts?

Sean Kellogg
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