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Is an upgrade to the Open Publication License possible?

I was surprised to see in this list of non-free documentation packages soon to be moved out of main so many works licensed under the Open Publication License (OPL):
I note that the recommended boilerplate used for the OPL is as follows:
Copyright (c) <year> by <author's name or designee>. This material may be distributed only subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Open Publication License, vX.Y or later (the latest version is presently available at http://www.opencontent.org/openpub/).
I think that documentation currently in main that uses the OPL could be salvaged if we can convince the controlling body for the OPL to upgrade to a version that's compatible with the DFSG. I have not, however, examined the OPL carefully enough to determine if this is possible without fundamentally changing the license.

I realize the OPL is mostly defunct, but are there any ideas about who still has the power to change it? I think the OPL author eventually ended up at Creative Commons...


Evan Prodromou <evan@debian.org>

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