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Re: generated source files, GPL and DFSG

On Wed, 20 Jul 2005, Matthew Garrett wrote:
> Francesco Poli <frx@winstonsmith.info> wrote:
> > IMHO, yes, as this is the widely accepted definition of "source
> > code" (it is found in the GPL text, as you know) and DFSG#2
> > mandates the inclusion of source code.
> I'm not convinced that it's a widely accepted definition of "source
> code".

As of yet, no one has put forward a better definition of source code.
Until that time, the "prefered form for modification" seems to be the
best definition of source code that we've got. [If you've got a better
definition, by all means, propose it.]

> Most people would regard the source for the nv driver as source
> code, even though there's a version of it that would be easier to
> modify.

ITYM "I would"; it's not clear at all that "most people would regard
[it] as source."

> The classes of modification that can be performed upon a binary are
> highly limited.

You can do anything you want to a binary. There are just things that
are more difficult to do to binary files.

Don Armstrong

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on it--and is just as likely to succeed.
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