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Re: Mandatory click wraps trivially non-free

On 7/14/05, Sean Kellogg <skellogg@u.washington.edu> wrote:
> > We're discussing two different things then. If the click wrap can be
> > removed from the program, then I submit that it is not mandatory, nor
> > a requirement of "actual manifestation of assent." It's merely a
> > dialog box that the author happened to have placed into their program
> > because they felt it would be nice to have people click on a button.
> Ah, agreement!  Fantastic.  There are some semantic differences between us,
> but nothing worth quibbling over.  Obviously the GPL prohibits a pop-up which
> cannot be removed by a later distributor.  My only contention was that as a
> distributor, if I wanted extra assurance that those I was distributing to saw
> the GPL, that I could have it pop up in my distributions.

Sure enough, they _saw_ it.  But that doesn't mean they _accepted_ it
even if the button says "I accept" -- because its very text says that
they don't have to accept it to use the software.

- Michael

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