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Re: Bug#317359: kde: ..3'rd "Help"->"About $KDE-app" tab calls the GPL "License Agreement", ie; a contract.

"Sean Kellogg" <skellogg@u.washington.edu> writes:

> "If individual A is authorized to distribute software, and individual B
> initiates an action that results in a copy being made of that software from
> A's distribution server, has B violated the original author's 106(1) rights?
> Or, as I believe Glenn is suggesting (and may be right...  question is
> really interesting) does the grant to distribute authorize B to give others
> the right to copy in the process of distribution?"

Given that Debian is a global distribution, perhaps your question
should reference something other than local law?

I checked '"106(1)" rights' on Google, and it appears to be a US legal
concept. As far as the other 6.1 billion of us go, what is our position?

cheers, Rich.

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