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Re: MP3 decoder packaged with XMMS

Dan Ravicher wrote:
> >Potentially any working in multimedia. I note that the new Nokia web
> > tablet, although Linux-based, uses the LGPL GStreamer libraries with
> > the proprietary Fluendo plugins, which are designed specifically to
> > work around the patent licensing problem:
> ...
> Your point that there are implementations out there that you believe are
> non-infringing proves that these patents aren't as broad as you would
> believe them to be.

The Fluendo website does not claim anywhere that they "avoid the
patent licensing problem". Rather, they want to sell you a
proprietary plugin together with a patent license. Apparently
they have acquired rights to sell licensed plugins.

       Fluendo provides our customers both with the actual plugin for
    GStreamer and the needed patent licenses. Customers who already have
       patent licenses themselves can license the plugins separatly.
        URL: http://www.fluendo.com/products.php?product=plugins


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