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Re: quake2 and german youth protection law


* Francesco Poli <frx@winstonsmith.info> [050702 17:00]:
> > The Wolfenstein case has the additional problem that the game contains
> > lots of swastikas and other nazi symbols, which are banned in
> > Germany. Using these banned symbols (outside of history education) is
> > what the cited No. 2 of the JMStV applies to.
> Really?
> Are you saying that every use of any nazi symbol outside of history
> education is prohibited in Germany?
> This seems ridiculous!  :-(
> How do you deal with movies such as _Raiders of the lost ark_ and
> _Indiana Jones and the last crusade_ ?
> They are quite full of swastikas and other nazi symbols and they cannot
> be considered (AFAICT) "history education".

No, it's the law is a bit softer.  As far as I understand it's some kind
of "you may use it in history and in arts (if it was to complex to
remove them)".

They didn't changed those movies (beside killing some good jokes with
bad synchronisation), but they changed for example the games.

The german release of Lucas Arts "Indiana Jones and the last crusade"
adventure game has no "swastikas".  Some kind of funny and idtiotic to
see red flags with a white circle standing arround in the game.

Don't ask me for details, I don't understand our laws either ;)

> Nonetheless, it's hard to imagine a movie that's more anti-nazi than
> those two...


Yours sincerely,


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