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Re: Alternatives to the Affero General Public License

On Tue, 2005-06-21 at 19:05 -0700, Gregor Richards wrote:
> Because the AGPL has some implementation issues that make it possibly
> incompatible with the DFSG, I've been trying to find an alternative that
> would still protect source-code redistribution on line.  Basically, I'm
> trying to write a special exception to the GNU GPL that would add this
> without some of the practical problems, and possibly with DFSG and OSI
> compliance.  I'm not entirely clear on to what extent point 4 (Integrity
> of The Author's Source Code) applies.  Clearly, the AGPL creates an
> "invariant section" like the GFDL, which doesn't work.  My proposed
> change works more like clause 2(c) of the GNU GPL.  There's no exact
> code that needs to be kept, but a certain functionality does.  I don't
> think this contradicts anything in the DFSG, but I'm no expert, and
> would like your opinions.
> Here's my proposition so far:
> As an exception to the GNU General Public License, any user who wishes
> to distribute modified copies of <program> (the Program) is also
> required to abide by this additional rule:

This is an additional restriction, forbidden by section 6.  Section 6
states, in part:

  You may not impose any further restrictions on the recipients'
  exercise of the rights granted herein.

This results in having an inconsistent license, and is consequently not
distributable at all, except by the copyright holder.

Also, the word "insure" should be "ensure", on the fourth line of the
first starred item.  The word "insure" means "to secure against loss".
The word "ensure" means "to make sure" or "to be certain".

As a side note, what you are trying to do is not compliant with the
DFSG.  We have rejected software that requires that people send copies
or otherwise make copies available[0] as compatible with the DFSG.

Whether it is compliant with the OSI is not a discussion for this list.

[0] See http://wiki.debian.net/?DissidentTest


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