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Re: Bug #309257: libpano12: patent problems

Le Mardi 21 Juin 2005 18:10, Robert Jordens a écrit :
> severity 309257 grave
> tags 309257 - wontfix
> tags 309257 + sid etch
> thanks

You should not remove wontfix tag, it's maintainer role to decide if he will 
fix the bug or not.

> Hey!
> * Florent Bayle:
> > severity 309257 important
> > tags 309257 wontfix
> > stop
> >
> > This bug should not prevent libpano12 from going into testing.
> Patent problems are not something that you can refuse to fix! And how do
> you come to the comclusion that they should not prevent libpano12 from
> reaching testing?

Please have a look at libjpeg62 (#153467) to see how such problem is treated.

> I'd like to request removal of libpano12 from Debian in the current form
> for the reasons outlined in the bug report and the ITP for panotools.

You are the only one who think that this problem is so important that we have 
to remove this package from Debian (please have a look at the latest debate 
on debian-legal, and why haven't you CCed your message to debian-legal before 
taking this decision).
What will be Debian if we remove all the softwares that violate
a patent somewhere ?

> * Josselin Mouette:
> > So what? Are we going to remove any piece of software for which a
> > jackass claims he has some prior art?
> That argument would hold for the MP3 encoders as well. A "realistic
> threat" makes "patent problems" something dangerous.
> > Come on, please resurrect the non-us archive. There are many pieces of
> > software we could distribute in it without risking patent lawsuits.
> The lawsuit WRT panotools has threatened the _German_ developer (that
> hardly ever left Germany) to the point where he abandoned the software.
> This wouldn't fit for your new non-us archive.

We can't know what will be the risk for Debian. Please take into account the 
fact that there is a sourceforge project and that developers haven't got any 

Florent Bayle - libpano12 maintainer

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