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Re: Statement that all of Debian needs to be Free?

* Dylan Thurston:

> I'm surprised that someone thinks that there's any controversy on this
> point.  As I understand it, the current situation is that, with the
> release of sarge, everything in Debian should be DFSG free, including
> programs, documentation, and miscellaneous files (as in this case), as
> well as everything else, with the sole exception of license files.  Is
> my summary correct?

Artwork seems to be exempt from the need to provide source code, even
if the rendition shipped by Debian is not the version that is most
amenable to modification.

The GFDL situation is even more unclear because there should be some
kind of announcement soon, and opinions about the GFDL as-is vary
widely (from "minor impracticalities" to "fundamental issues").

And keep in mind that the main/non-free distinction becomes less
meaningful with each controversial package which is moved from main to
non-free because it lures more users to the non-free side. 8-)

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