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OpenSolaris related licences

It seems Sun has announced the release of OpenSolaris.

It may be interesting to see if Sun's compiler is DFSG compliant.
"Sun Studio 10 for OpenSolaris Entitlement and License" is at:
(don't forget the third party license readme even if the above is DFSG

I think the first objection that I have is that there doesn't seem to be
source code to the Sun Studio 10 compiler (I may be wrong though)

Even if the Sun Studio 10 compiler isn't DFSG compliant, it seems that
OpenSolaris can be built with GCC.

That said it seems to be difficult to find the exact licensing for
OpenSolaris. You can download OpenSolaris without registering (although
you have to be careful not to click the wrong link).

FAQs for the licences are linked to from: 

I'll post more if I get enough time to actually look at the licences.

It'd certainly be nice to run a Debian variant of Solaris on my Sparc
computers some day.

     Drew Daniels

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