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Re: quake2 and german youth protection law

* Florian Weimer ::

> * Måns Rullgård:
> > I was of the impression that Quake 2 had been placed on an
> > official list of restricted publications, and that this was the
> > primary cause of concern.
> Does Debian distribute the data files?  The engine itself is not
> on the German Index Librorum Prohibitorum.
> But this doesn't matter at all.  Our guardians became frustrated
> with the necessity to index both the German translation and the
> original, so they installed a mandatory rating system for computer
> games (similar to movies in Germany and other countries).  The
> main problem isn't that quake2 is a violent game, but that it's a
> game.  "M-x tetris RET" has the same problem.

And so, what seems to be the solution to this problem?


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