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Re: LPPL and source-less distribution

* Bernhard ::

> * Michael K. Edwards <m.k.edwards@gmail.com> [050611 20:05]:
> > The FSF is not in the business of giving truthful advice about
> > the law.
> Sorry to ask the following, but I am getting really curious and
> hope you do not feel insulted. But I really have to ask:
> Are you sponsored by, employed by or otherwise related to
> Microsoft or any other large company selling non-free software?

While I can't speak for Michael, I tought you should know other
people (such as myself) agree with him in many of his points,
including that one above.

And *I* am employed by the Legislative branch of the government of
Minas Gerais, Brasil, which is conducting a massive migration to
Free Software, and I do not have any financial interest whatsoever
involving proprietary software.

Furthermore, while IANAL, I *try* to base things I put on d-l in my
reasonable knowledge of Brazilian law and legal research (I worked
two years as a paralegal, and I have another two years of legal


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