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Re: New 'Public Domain' Licence

On Thursday 09 June 2005 11:10 pm, Anthony DeRobertis wrote:
> Andrew Suffield wrote:
> > The primary threat is not from the heirs (although that is a threat,
> > and you don't have control over all your heirs - your parents and
> > cousins can qualify),
> If you're worried about your heirs revoking your copyright licences, I
> suggest talking to the FSF or someone like them; you could make the FSF
> the heir to your copyrights.

No, your parents and cousins CANNOT qualify, blood relation is not enough 
under the statute.  The right of termination flows from you, to your spouse, 
then to your children, and final to your estate's executor.  You can transfer 
the copyright to others beyond that chain, but the termination right remains 
with the others.

So, if I will my copyright to Frank, my 3rd cousin, who then licenses it to 
MGM, either my spouse or children can still exercise their termination right 
over that license (but not the transfer to Frank...  since transferring the 
copyright by will is not susceptible to termination).


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