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Re: New 'Public Domain' Licence

On 6/8/05, Glenn Maynard <glenn@zewt.org> wrote:
> Even if your claims are true, it would still require going to court to prove,
> and until somebody successfully does that, very few people are going to go
> against the FSF's claims.  So, as a matter of actual practice, my statement
> stands.

Agreed.  It'll be interesting to see whether this is addressed in the
course of Wallace v. FSF.

> > yin-yang.  My essay on this topic is rather long, is still in draft,
> > and might find a more formal publication channel, so I'm disinclined
> Slashdot?
> (Sorry, that was low.  :)

Pretty funny, though.  ;)  But actually, a lawyer of my acquaintance
suggested that I consider submitting it to a law journal if it passes
his review, which I found rather flattering (if improbable).  33 pages
(with wide margins) is a little bit long even for /., though there's
certainly room to cut some fat.

- Michael

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