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Re: more kernel firmware stuff

On Wed, 25 May 2005 11:36:43 -0400, Andres Salomon wrote:
> And so on.  QLogic wants to have a conference call w/ me and their legal
> dept, as they have questions on BSD vs GPL licensing.  I think it would be
> good to have someone from d-l on the call as well.  Any volunteers?  I'd
> like to get someone knowledgeable about GPL and BSD licensing issues,
> binary firmware images, and w/ some form of legal background.

No one stepped up, so I ended up discussing things w/ one of QLogic's
patent attorneys.  Their main concern with relicensing firmware images was
that they'd have to get the images requalified with OEMs or something
along those lines; a rather long process, apparently.  So, I suggested
they dual-license under the GPL and BSD licenses.  This would allow us to
select and redistribute the images under the BSD license.  I'm still not
convinced distributing the images under the GPL is valid, but.. *shrug*.

They're discussing dual licensing internally, and will get back to me.  I
offered a few examples of dual licensed programs/code; mozilla, various
drivers in the kernel that set MODULE_LICENSE("Dual BSD/GPL") and "Dual
MPL/GPL", and the pam project.

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