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Re: OpenTTD infringes TTD

Nathanael Nerode wrote:

> Michael K. Edwards wrote:
>> [snipped lots of stuff where we agree]
> <snipped even more>
> I agreed with everything you said.  So I won't make this message long --
> it started out as a whole lot of your paragraphs with "I agree with you"
> after each one.  :-)

Oh, right.  I did want to ask one thing: what if the rules files for FreeCiv
were completely replaced, as well as removing the vestigial things like
"shields" in the code?  Think it would be OK?  I don't know, but I think
the current FreeCiv people are *trying* to do the right thing and just
don't know the rules.  They made quite an effort to get rid of
copyright-violating images (without being threatened or anything).  Also,
the standard rules file is now neither the Civ I clone nor the Civ II clone
(although it has similarities to both), and they seem quite willing to
change it for game balance (since they don't seem to feel that they've
achieved game balance); they're also encouraging people to make entirely
new rules files.

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