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fair use internationally (was Re: Bug#265352: grub: Debian splash images for Grub

Performing thread necromancy....

Josh Triplett wrote:

> There is a strong case for Fair Use of the imagery based on the latter
> two factors.  The actual use of the imagery in the game is also
> more-or-less a parody, which is a protected right.
> Nevertheless, as you said in your previous message, these rights are
> (unfortunately) not universal.

Do we know what the "worst" jurisdiction's laws about this are?  I know that
the UK has a much more limited "fair dealing" right.  Are there
jurisdictions with even more limited rights?  I think virtually every
jurisdiction has some sort of "quotation for the purposes of review"
exception, though I could be wrong.  What's the worst case we actually have
to care about? 

This would be a good thing to know.  :-)

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