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Revamping the debian-legal website (was Re: removing the debian-legal website stuff?

Frank Lichtenfeld wrote:
>Since this hasn't really worked out I propose to delete this stuff again
>until someone comes up with a better idea how to better present the
>work of debian-legal.

It would really, really, really help if things like the currently-unofficial 
debian-legal FAQ, some of the various FAQs about the GFDL, etc., were 
integrated into the debian-legal website.  Information about the freeness 
"tests" we use, etc., is the sort of thing which belongs there. Also, I 
really like the existing essay on the three categories of software, and the 
comments about how our list differs from the FSF and OSI lists; I do *not* 
want to lose that.

If you delete anything, *just* delete the summary list, and update the rest of 
the page to reflect that.   I think the official debian-legal website should 
form more of an "About debian-legal, what we do, and how we do it" site.  
Maybe we can put license summaries in later, but I think they're not the most 
important thing there.

Remember to get appropriate copyright licenses from everyone whose FAQs you 
integrate and to specifically put the page under those licenses (not just the 
default OPI for the website), with appropriate copyright notices.  We should 
attempt to follow our own recommended best practices.  (Which, incidentally, 
is another thing to add to the website: best practices in copyright and 
licensing maintenance...)

Oh -- what license would debian-legal like for its own web pages?  I think the 
main choice to make is copyleft (meaning GPL) or highly permissive (in which 
case I don't care which one, but it would be good to settle on one 
"preferred" one).  I suggest highly permissive, because this site is going to 
contain memes which we want to spread, and allowing unlimited reuse would 
IMHO be good for that.

OK, after making all those suggestions, it's time to put my money where my 
mouth is.  I volunteer to do this work if nobody else wants to (or indeed to 
do it with someone else if they do want to).  I'll even put it on high 
priority; I think I could get quite a lot done very quickly, since the 
information exists, but just has to be integrated.  However, I would need 
website access of some sort in order to do that, which I don't have.

--Nathanael Nerode

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