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DBDesigner4 and Kylix


I'd like to package DBDesigner4 (See Bug#204475, 
http://www.fabforce.net/dbdesigner4/). It is very useful application written 
with Kylix. 

The application itself is on the GPL.

It can be compiled with trial version of Borland Kylix. My question - is it 
enough for legal redistribution of compiled binaries?

It requires some additional libraries:

* bplrtl.so.6.9.0 - the part of Kylix Open Edition
* dbxres.en.1.0 - Borland Kylix dbExpress library from trial version of Kylix
* libDbxSQLite.so.2.8.5 - dbExpress driver, probably originated 
* libdbxoodbc.so - dbExpress driver, probably originated 
* libqtintf-6.9.0-qt2.3.so - the part of Kylix Open Edition
* libsqlmy23.so.1.0 - dbExpress driver from Borland Kylix dbExpress library
* libsqlora.so.1.0 - dbExpress driver from Borland Kylix dbExpress library

My question: is it legal to redistribute the Kylix libraries in binary form?

The project seems to be abadoned, but it is very interesting and I'd like to 
restart it i.e. as SourceForge project.

 .''`.    Piotr Roszatycki, Netia SA
: :' :    mailto:Piotr_Roszatycki@netia.net.pl
`. `'     mailto:dexter@debian.org

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