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Re: GFDL/GPL incompatibility

Michael K. Edwards wrote:
> As I see it, the individuals who assigned their copyright in GNU
> documentation to the FSF probably didn't expect to see the relicensing
> of their work under a GPL-incompatible license, creating yet another
> "gated community" carved out of the ostensible commons. 

You're quite right.  I know Zack Weinberg -- author of a large portion of the 
GNU cpp manual -- didn't, and dislikes the policy, to mention someone who was 
willing to make his views public.  I personally stopped submitting 
copyrightable amounts of documentation to GNU when I figured out what was 
going on.

This, of course, indicates a problem at the heart of the FSF: Stallman has 
been able to unilaterally impose a bad licensing policy, which the vast 
majority of GNU developers think is a bad idea.  He hasn't even been able to 
point to two other people who agree with him about the GFDL (Georg Greve 
*might* count as one person, *maybe*, though his views seem rather 
different), yet it remains official FSF dogma.

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